Thursday, 5 May 2011

With a Pinch of Salt

Salt Pans in Malta
The harvesting of salt in Malta dates back to centuries ago. Being an island in the centre of the Mediterranean, shipments used to stop for replenishment thus taking with them essential items such as salt. Salt pans (in Maltese: 'Salini') are found in various areas around Malta and Gozo, most of which are unfortunately inactive. It is a tough job to harvest salt and the skill is being lost in time.

I feel there is still some hope left for this tradition. At Merill Eco Tours we created a tour that focuses on traditions such as salt production. During such a tour, salt pans are visited and a demonstration is given to our guests. Hands-on salt harvesting experiences can be organised upon request between May and September. Crispy Hobz biz-Zejt (local bread and olive oil) is served during the excursion as a snack in summer... obviously with a pinch of salt!

Here is a very good article about Salt Production in the Maltese Islands by Mr. Martin Morana - History of Salt Production in the Maltese Islands

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