Friday, 20 June 2014

Maltese birds, butterflies and bees!

Swallow tail Butterfly |Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove
| Photo by Christian Borg | 20.6.14

Swallowtails found in the Maltese islands are an endemic race found nowhere else in the world. If it becomes extinct in the Maltese islands this race will be lost forever. The swallowtail is our only endemic butterfly. It is so special that it should be declared Malta’s national butterfly. We already have a national plant, national bird and national tree. It is now time to have a national butterfly as well. Its scientific name is Papilio machaon melitensis, melitensis showing that it is a Maltese race. In Maltese it has several names. It is known as farfett tar-reġina(queen’s butterfly), farfett tal-busbies and farfett tal-fejġel, fennel and rue being its two food plants. It is also known as farfett tal-lira (Reference: Mr. Paul Portelli).

Swallow tail Butterfly |Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove
| Photo by Christian Borg | 20.6.14

Maltese Swallow Tail feeding on Wild Thyme and a bee in flight | Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove | Photo by Christian Borg | 20.6.14

Shhh! they're asleep | Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove | Photo by Christian Borg | 20.6.14

Nestlings of a Sardinian Warbler | Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove | Photo by Christian Borg | 20.6.14

Information about the Maltese Swallow Tail Butterfly by Mr. Paul Portelli

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Merill Rural Tourism Project featured on Malta's National TV station

Guests at Tas-Salut Orchard
While temperatures are rising we bid farewell to a busy spring and welcome summer time. It has been a busy season hosting many locals and tourists on our farm venues. In the meantime we also started off an EU funded project entitled "To enhance, strengthen and assist the Merill Rural Tourism Network".

This €110K project which is 80% funded by Leader Funds and managed by the Majjistral Local Action Group Foundation, involves several tasks, including purchasing of small scale investments, training of the members within the network and marketing. 

Dissemination of information is being carried out with regards to Malta's rural treasures focusing on the Majjistral region. All the attractions being promoted are taken care of by the farmes and arstisans within the network. They feature unique farms and workshops in rural villages including Mosta, Mtarfa, Mgarr, Rabat and Dingli. 

Yesterday our project was featured on the news thanks to Malta's national TV station - Television Malta. The feature (in Maltese), highlighted the experiences offered by Merill as well as outlined the project in relation to three of the members within the network. Mr. Antoine Vella, an artisan, was interviewed at his workshop in Rabat. Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove was also filmed and described as a museum of trees, herbs and endemic species. Last but not least the stunning views and surroundings at Tas-Salut Orchard, a Mediterranean fruit orchard, were also featured.

The other members within the Merill Rural Network who are participating in this project are Carmel and Paul Cortis of Cortis Vineyards, and Karl and Mario Scerri who are full-time farmers.

Online article in Maltese 
Turisti jinghataw esperjenza fil-kampanja Maltija, tradizjonijiet u kultura.
Click here to watch news clip in Maltese

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