Monday, 21 November 2011

Local Products Event at The Point Shopping Mall - 20th November 2011

Treacle Tarts - Maypole Bakery
Eco Hampers by Merill Local Products

Yesterday a local products themed event took place at The Point Shopping Complex at Tigne Point. Merill Local Products organised this event and teamed up with other producers of traditional and genuine food products to bring about a pre Christmas atmosphere at Malta's largest shopping mall.

Olive oil, honey and local fruit jams keep on being the most requested items by locals together with DOC wines. Sun dried tomatoes, pickled onions and cheeselets have been nicely put together into attractive Eco-Hampers. As Merill Local Products, we are doing our best to bring the farming community at the centre of our Eco-Hampers. All the products within each hamper comes directly from local famers thus keeping traditions alive and conserving Malta's rural landscape. Furthermore packaging materials are 100% upcycled therefore decreasing the carbon footprint. 

Large tables with fresh crispy bread filled level 0 with a lovely smell. Maypole bakeries offered a range of local products including traditional loaves of bread, treacle tarts and biscuits. Since 1973, Maypole bakeries have been owned and managed by Carmelo Debono who is constantly updating the wide range of products being offered, using modern machinery and latest technology to ensure optimum results. Mr. Debono works very hard together with his wife and six children to produce the very best products, all baked the traditional way.

Nougat Products by Beehive
Weaved Products

Barn eggs and Poultry meat by Tal-Malti Producer Organisation
This time we also decided to partner with a locally recognised producer organisation that is doing an excellent job in producing sustainable poultry products. Tal-Malti is the brand name of "The Malta Poultry Producers Organisation" that encompasses six established farmers rearing egg layer chickens and broilers. The farms enjoy high animal welfare and hygiene standards. Poultry meat products currently sold by the PO include whole chicken and separate poultry pieces all packed, weighed and barcoded to be sold at local butchers and at the Farmers Market in Ta' Qali every Tuesday and Saturday.

Eggs come in a variety of convenient carton sized and are produced by chickens reared in enriched cages and from barn hens. A total of 500,000 broiler chickens are reared every year together with 30,000 laying hens. It's great to have a local Producer Organisation who is continuously developing innovative products ideal for customers that are health conscious and are looking for well priced food items.

Their latest product is the "Kappuccel Tal-Malti", a spring chicken that makes an excellent meal for one or two persons. I've personally tried cooking these spring chickens on a BBQ and in the oven, and in spite my cooking skills are quite poor, I still manage to make great meals out of this little chicken :)

I strongly recommend all the range of poultry products offered by Tal-Malti as they are absolutely fresh and delicious!

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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Olive oil, honey, wine and much more!

Autumn is here and we're already feeling Christmas in the air! For many, Christmas is a period of dread - hectic shopping, cooking and get-togethers and to top it all choosing the right gifts for family and friends can easily become a nightmare. We live in times when it's becoming increasingly difficult to buy gifts that are appreciated by others. 

This year you can hit two birds with one stone; buy a gift, and contribute towards the Maltese environment. The packaging used in our Eco-Hampers is entirely reused or fair trade, while all the products are strictly local. We work closely with farmers who produce genuine delicacies and are also committed towards the greening of our countryside. Honey and olive oil are by far the most popular products chosen by the Maltese people. Price also matters; this is why we have developed a whole range of packages between 6 and 40 Euros! We can even tailor make your ideal hamper according to your needs.

To view the whole range of eco-hampers click here

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Visit our stand at The Point Shopping Complex in Tigne on Sunday 20th November between 11am and 8pm.

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