Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Majestic Sunset - Storks fly over Malta

More than 300 storks fly over Malta - Photo taken at Chadwick Lakes by Jeanette Borg

Yesterday's sunset was surely one of the best I've ever witnessed here in Malta. It's common to see such large flocks of birds in countries like Holland and Norway but in Malta such events are rarer. While driving across the Mdina Bypass, I spotted a huge black cloud coming closer. I kept on driving and realised that a flock of birds were flying quite fast and it would have been tricky to follow them. When I turned left towards Chadwick lakes the birds got so close that I jumped out of the car and started taking photos with my phone. They mush have been flying no more than 150 meters above my head. The guy that was driving behind me had to wait until I was done with the photos :) It was only till I contacted my expert bird ID friends that I confirmed these were White Storks. Ciconia species do not breed in Malta and their sitings are considered to be rare by keen Maltese birdwatchers. Their association with fidelity and fertility may have led to the popular image we often see...that is of storks delivering babies!

Amazing to see so many beauties flying so close - Photo taken at Chadwick Lakes by Jeanette Borg

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