Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Every drop of water counts!

Malta's drinking water is desalinated sea water added to ground water (Malta's only natural source of fresh water). As an island that classifies as semi-arid according to FAO standards, it is imperative to take all necessary measures to reduce water consumption.

Tips for tourists: Bottled water is recommended for drinking.

To help us save our scarce water resource we would appreciate if you take these simple measures:

- An average bath at 10 cm deep uses about 80 litres of water. Take short showers. A 4-minute shower uses about 24 litres of water.

- Don't leave the water running while washing hands, brushing teeth or shaving.

- If you notice a leaking tap, report it to the management of the hotel/residence immediately.

Thank you for saving water with us.

Some interesting information; Water scarcity in Malta - Martin Sapiano 

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