Saturday, 7 May 2011

What's so special about Diving in Malta?

Barracudas [photo by Ms. Sonya Silvio]
The Maltese Islands offer amazing diving sites for experienced divers and beginners. The rich and varied marine ecosystems are excellent to explore. Sea water is characterized with deep drop offs and visibility is clear. Outstanding topography and rock caves formations as well as many sea- wrecks make diving an experience not to be missed. Qualified instructors provide courses and guided dives around Malta, Gozo and Comino offering the latest equipment and information during every dive. Diving is an all-year round activity. Diving in winter offers the advantage that many species of fish move inshore to shallower, slightly warmer waters which are not disturbed by swimmers in winter. This offers divers a much better opportunity to observe and photograph marine life. On the other hand, waters are warmer in summer thus making it possible for divers to wear a light 3mm diving suit.

Information provided by Ms. Sonya Silvio

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