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Wine & Cheese Tasting Experience

Wine is an icon that has transgressed time and tastes. So much so, that 10,000 years after the first batch of this alcoholic beverage concocted from fermented grapes was made, wine still holds an important place in our everyday lives.

Benjamin Franklin once said that ‘wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy’. 

We agree, but we also believe that wine is more than just a simple beverage that accompanies your dinner, or which you sip as you chat to friends. After all, each bottle of wine holds within it traditions, customs, scents and tastes that have been 10,000 years in the making.

Taste Local

As many of you probably know, we are firm believers in the produce yielded and products created locally, and there are many reasons for this. 

To begin with, these are zero-milage products, meaning that their carbon footprint is much, much smaller than something imported from abroad. 

Buying and promoting these products also helps safeguard customs that have been in use for generations, and helps promote the growth of our local agricultural landscape and economy. 

But, more than that, we truly believe that local produce, aided by the kiss of our generous sun, and lovingly grown by the wonderful farmers that have dedicated their life to this practice, results in superior products that taste divine.

That’s why our Wine & Cheese Tasting sessions only make use of locally-produced wine, grown in vineyards scattered all around the Islands that benefit from our fertile soil and optimum weather conditions. And, to complement the wines and take your taste-buds on a journey through Malta’s culinary traditions, we add creamy and soft sheep’s milk gbejniet (traditional Maltese cheeselets) to our offering.

Wine & Cheese Tasting Sessions by Merill

Our Wine & Cheese Tasting Sessions take place at one of our exclusive venues, which set the stage for an idyllic afternoon in the company of expertly-picked, boutique wines and fresh gbejniet created from local milk by local producers using recipes that date back tens, and even hundreds, of years.

As we take you through the different wines and explore their fragrance, palate and origin, we also guide you through the deep and intricate taste of our humble gbejna, as well as the history and legacy of the venues we are in, which include Tas-Salut Orchard or the Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove.

As such, these Wine & Cheese Tasting Sessions are great for both locals and visitors, and whether it’s a birthday party, get together, team-building session, or just an afternoon spent getting to know the local viticulture, we will always welcome you with open arms.

Other Details:

As we’re sure you know, wine tasting sessions are all about getting to know the wines at hand, so we’ll make sure you won’t get drunk while in our care, and we promise to keep you safe.

These tasting sessions cannot substitute lunch or dinner in their entirety, so they make for a perfect pre-dinner activity.

They are available all year round, no matter the weather!

They’re perfect for an afternoon gathering that allows you to taste some delicious Maltese wines with a backdrop of the pink and yellow sky as the sun sets. It also means that, if you come in the hot summer months, you’ll avoid the stifling heat of the early afternoon.

Groups can secure the exclusive farm venue – drop us a line for more information about this.

Visitors will try three different kinds of wine and two types of gbejniet – making these sessions ideal for vegetarians too.

For more information on Merill or our Wine & Cheese Tasting sessions, why not drop us a line at or call us on +356 9944 3118? 

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  1. Hi guys :-),

    my name is Karl Ziegler and i'm a Guide in Genoa Italy and
    i'm honoured to write to you as per one of the Place where
    History saw Genoa closed related :-).

    My 2 friends / Customers just left Rome and will be there tomorrow morning with the MSC.

    I wonder if your wine tasting is available and if yes the cost please ?

    Thanks for reply.


  2. Hey Karl, just emailed you ;) thanks


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