Monday, 30 January 2012

A special visit at a Botanical Garden in Malta

Sandarac Gum Tree

Landscaping with brassicas and herbs

Hey Merill fans,

Hope you're all doing great and in good health. After a long rainy day in Malta, here I am enjoying some warm honey and lemon. Being a nature lover, I have always been fascinated about gardens and make it a point to visit one, in every country I go to. The good news for those who share my same passion, is that even  in Malta we have botanical gardens. They might not be as big as those found abroad, but they are still a showcase of Mediterranean biodiversity. 

Having said that, this morning's heavy showers, did not discourage my horticulture students to visit one of Malta's largest botanical gardens. Equipped with raincoats and umbrellas, off we went to enjoy the marvellous world of botany. Since I have been teaching Plant and Soil science on a part time basis, at the MCAST Agribusiness Institute, I needed to show my students that the plant adaptations we learn from books really exists.

Some of the students commented about the height of some trees, while others commented about species they had never encountered. The variety of the species and layout of the garden are indeed features we Maltese should be proud of. 

After exploring the garden we all agreed, it was a nice experience to go out and have some fresh air, even though the weather was not favourable. A warm snack and drink ended this study visit and with it this scholastic term. 

I wish all the best to my students, who were always patient and supportive during lectures, even when topics were not so exciting. Agriculture still remains my favourite topic, and this is where Merill Eco Tours started from after all ;) 


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