Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bakery turned into a unique tourism attraction in Malta

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We're proud to be the first to launch the official promo of the artisan bakery now open in Valletta. Mr. Carmelo Debono, also known as Nenu, had been dreaming about this project for many years. His main concern was that the knowledge about traditional local bread and recipes was being lost over time. The old bakery that suited this project, was in ruins when Nenu stepped into it for the first time. No one thought that it would have been converted into such an attraction three years later. 
The stone oven is now fully functional, and is complemented with a cosy restaurant, museum, and a state of the art kitchen to support the Head Chef Joseph Magri and his team. The menu has been carefully designed to ensure that all the ftiras would bring about a fantastic culinary experience to all those who experience it.  

The Hon. Minister Mario De Marco officially inaugurated the venue today, together with his Excellency Fra. Paul Cremona OP. The Ministers speech, outlined the importance of sustainable tourism and the pride all the Maltese people have towards bread, mostly Il-Hobza Maltija. Dr. De Marco also mentioned the importance of EU funding, since projects can be tailor made to Malta's specific needs. 

Anyone who feels like a quick snack, lunch or dinner, can walk to "Nenu the Artisan Baker", and order one of the Ftiras full of delicious local ingredients. While the ftira is being baked, one can enjoy a video relating the history of Maltese bread and Nenu's career in baking. Furthermore, an interactive experience can also be booked for groups who wish to enjoy the actual making of the ftira!

For enquiries about the "Ftira Interactive Experience", drop us a line on   

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