Thursday, 12 January 2012

First licensed ecotourism venture in Malta is one year old

Here we are, proud to celebrate our first anniversary!

Today was sunny and cloudless, unlike a year ago, when it was raining cats and dogs at 9am, as guests where arriving in Buskett for the inauguration of Merill Eco Tours. Must have been a sign of good luck :) Dr. Mario de Marco, who was recently appointed Minister for Tourism and Culture, officially inaugurated the enterprise.

We are constantly improving and creating new packages that are in demand in an ever changing tourism industry. Many still view Malta as an island where summer is the only time to go on holiday. However, with all the attractions available on the island, and the many activities one can do, it is surely not the case. The eco element in Malta is pronounced especially in rural villages where agriculture is still alive. This is why we continuously build new opportunities with more farmers, to ensure the livelihood of our countryside. For more details about eco tours and activities, send us an email on or visit our website.

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A big thank you goes to all those who have supported us during the past year!

Jeanette and Christian

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