Wednesday, 13 April 2011

What's cooking?

Fresh Local Vegetables 
Cooking has never been my passion but I know many others that can create a banquet without any efforts. The ingredients surely play an important role in the end result. Recent awareness towards organic products has got many people to think about issues such as "slow food" and "healthy products".

Recent arguments about organic products and food safety have surely drawn to the attention of consumers that one needs to take great care when buying food. It doesn't mean that products that are not organically certified aren't up to standard. Personally I know many farmers who are not certified as organic producers but are very diligent when applying fertilisers and pesticides. I often ask them, "did you spray this product?". Their reply is straight forward..."Why spray this product when there's no need!" Some vegetables are more resistant than others, while other crops need a stricter program of prevention and care. Going back to the theme of this article, now is the time to start getting in shape before summer. Salads start to be an attractive alternative especially when adding on tasty items such as olives, capers and herbs. By adding veggies to your diet you would be reducing the intake of starches and increasing the amounts of fibre, vitamins and minerals. The photo above shows vegetables that are currently in season...make sure you ask for local products! By choosing local products you would be supporting the rural communities that maintain the countryside and help to reduce the carbon footprint.

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