Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Easter is on the way!

Two day old kids and their doe
A small herd of goats
Today I visited a couple of sheep and goat farms in Malta. Was so delighted to see that kids are being born adding on to the expectation of Easter time.  The photos show a small goat herd that is still managed traditionally by one of the local farmer. Small caves give shelter to the herd. It felt so cosy inside these caves. Fodder is produced in fields close by giving the herd excellent building blocks to make milk. 

The farmer who manages the small herd spends a lot of time together with this sheep and goats and was very proud to show me the newborns. His wife still  produces cheeselets at home. Neighbours say that her cheeselets are absolutely the best. I'm looking forward to taste them :) The other farm I visited has recently been modernised and equipped with machines that make milking less time consuming. 

Such traditional mixed farms operate within a rich and varied agro-ecosystem thus contributing to the sustainability index of the area. Farm visits are the highlight during our eco tours. 

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