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Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove

At the limits of Mgarr lies a path that is lined with the most mouth-watering of scents. Take it, and you will soon discover the majestic-yet-subdued beauty of the Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove, a haven for indigenous and endemic flora that has found a home amid the rugged landscape.

It is hard to believe that, not very long ago, the patch of land that makes up the Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove was derelict and in ruins. The rubble walls had been damaged for years, leaving much of the soil to the mercy of the elements, the flora had been replaced by weeds, and it all just seemed like another stretch of uncultivated land.

What Happened Then?

Thankfully, two amazing farmers called Charlie and Ray bought this piece of agricultural land; and, through their hard work and determination, they turned it into their very own Garden of Eden.  They restored the rubble walls and returned the grove to its terraced past, they planted windbreak trees to provide shelter to the then newly-planted olive trees, and allowed rosemary bushes and endemic plants to grow, thus providing a safe haven to many species of birds and insects.

Since then, the olive trees have grown strong and now yield olives that make some of the tastiest olive oil in the country. Tan-Nixxiegha has also been opened to be public, allowing many to catch their first glance of the Widnet il-Bahar (Malta’s national plant), to smell the scent of wild thyme and rosemary, and to be left breathless by the stunning views of the countryside that surround it.

How is Merill Involved?

Tan-Nixxiegha was one of the first places that became part of the Merill Rural Network and, since 2011, we have brought many local and foreign groups to this ‘beautiful’ and ‘friendly’ grove – as the comments and mentions on TripAdvisor put it.

Over the years, the range of things you can do at Tan-Nixxiegha has doubled, and we now offer:

Tasting Sessions – where you can sample the deliciousness of fresh Maltese produce, including extra virgin olive oil, wine and jams.

A Nature Tour – where you can see and smell the countryside like never before and become familiar with the many endemic types of flora that add to the natural beauty of the grove.

Sales of Local Produce – which is just what it says on the tin! Visit us to buy fresh and delicious produce, including estate-fresh, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil produced by Charlie and Ray themselves. Limited quantities are available, but they are incredibly high in quality.

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Would you like to organise a scrumptious tasting session or a nature tour at the Tan-Nixxiegha Olive Grove? Then drop us a line at or call us on +356 9944 3118.

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