Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Explore the richness of Malta's nature and culture with Us

„Conservation through leisure”

Our motto reflects the mission of Merill very well. We strive to link nature and culture in a unique and exceptional way. Promoting Malta’s Mediterranean traditions as well as reviving the agriculture of Malta and its sister island Gozo, is the core part of our mission. Our activities involve conservation, preservation and education. The clients will experience the very best of nature, history and culture all in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. We pay lots of attention for reducing the carbon footprint and the harmful effects of tourism on the environment. Providing benefits for the local community is also an important concept in our work. Under the brand name Merill Local Products we promote the local, authentic products bought directly from the farmers and craft persons. Each person who participates on our tours or takes part in one of the activities organized by us contributes to the preservation of old agricultural traditions and gains a life time experience. The wide range of experiences we offer makes it possible for us to target groups or individuals with different interests.

Let’s see a bunch of the activities one can enjoy with us!

Are you interested in birdwatching? Join us for a trip to Buskett which is the most important woodland in Malta or visit the Salina area. Spring is the best time to visit when a variety of herons and egrets can be spotted resting in the salt pans, the ditch or on the trees in the park itself, with the most common being Grey Heron, Purple Heron, Night Heron and Little Egret. 

In case if you wish to enjoy the calmness of the beautiful landscape and seascape, our Gozo, Dingli and Mellieha Eco Tours were made for you. The tours were designed to introduce the authentic agricultural lands and to represent the Maltese village life. We carefully choose the itinerary of the trips in order to preserve the natural beauties and habitats.

Should you be interested in the traditional way of land cultivation you may wish to organize an event taking place on a vineyard, olive grove or engage yourself in a strawberry picking session. These activities are perfect for team-building or just for a fun day out.

In order to keep the old traditions alive, such as weaving and sea salt harvesting workshops are organized regularly. All these options provide you an informative, interactive and interesting way of spending time with your family, friends and colleagues. 

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For more information about the whole range of experiences we offer, please visit the Merill Eco Tours website. We organise experiences upon request for small and medium sized groups. Feel free to email us on info@merillecotours.com or call us on 21/27411388.

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