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Merill Eco Tours hosts a dynamic team of Food and Beverage experts

Hello Merill fans,

October 2012 has now gone by, and it still feels like summer in Malta. Today has been an exceptionally clear and sunny day, perfect to enjoy the rural parts of the Maltese islands. Having been blessed with fantastic weather throughout September and October, we have enjoyed hosting more groups on our various farm venues around Malta. 

Amongst the groups we hosted in October, we had the pleasure of hosting the Food and Beverage managers and supervisors at Intercontinental Malta. This dynamic team of young people are experts in hotel and restaurant management. Now I'm looking even more forward to visit the various restaurants managed by Intercontinental Malta, such as Eastern Breeze, Paranga and Harruba, to taste the exquisite food prepared by this team :) 

We would like to show gratitude to Mr. Bradley Dingli, the Director of Food and Beverage, who entrusted us to organise a day out for his colleagues, and who took the time to write the 5 star review on our official Trip Advisor page seen below.


Smiling - Photo by Ms. Angie Borda
"We come from a very stressfull and demanding routine on a daily basis at work. Two groups of 20 persons each decided to organise 2 seperate but identical events with this company and Jeanette (together with her husband Chris) assisted us from the very start. We made it very clear that we want to enjoy a full day activity within peaceful surroundings, whereby a group of working colleagues would spend a full day away from the normal routine at work. What Jeanette organised was spot on....they took us to Bingemma Olive Grove to start off with. As a local i have been to this area, however this Olive Grove boasts one of the best views in Malta, apart from a surrounding area that is astounding to spend some hours at with friends. The group tasted some good olive oil, marmalade and consumed some local pastizzi accompanied by coffee and tea (which tastes delicious in this environment). The friendliness and hospitality experience by Charles and his wife at the Olive Grove is an experience not to be missed. Jeannette and Chris enhance the experience by thier knowledge on agriculture, explaining the different types of olive trees and some very interesting information on how the olive oil is pressed; how many olives you need to press a litre of olive oil etc etc. It did rain a bit when we were there with the 2nd group however no one hesitated as there was plenty of shelter for a group of 20.

Intercontinental F&B team - Group 1 - Photo by Ms. Angie Borda

After an hour and a half at the Olive Grove we proceeded to the limits of Rabat and visited a vineyard. Again Jeanette explained a lot about the type of grapes grown and the variety of wines produced. Being locals and having a group of people who's job is in Food & Beverage, she didn't need to elaborate a lot but it was very interersting. The lady at the vineyard prepared a selection of wines (red, white and rose) for us all to try, followed by a nice spread of a typical local table filled with Hobz biz-zejt (traditional Maltese Bread with tomato spread and olive oil), Goat's Cheese, Capers, Pickled Onions, Bigilla (a bean dip), Bruschetta Mix, Olives, and Sundried Tomatoes, which proved to be a very enjoyable meal in the afternoon. Views from the vineyard are exceptional, especially from the roof terrace. We spend at least 2 hours at the vineyard enjoying the wine, food and company. Jeanette and Chris finished it off with some nice local sweets and hot beverages before saying their good byes. 

This was the first time with Merill Eco Private Tours however it will not be the last. Jeannette and Chris you know have 40 ambassadors, promoting your services as you truly offered us a fantastic programme for our company outing. Above all the best thing is that Merill keep the local traditions and local produce alive and highly exposed to the selected few. thanks one again and hope to see you all soon."

Ms. Angie Borda who is part of the Intercontinental Malta team, has also left us a review and a photo, and for this we would like to say thank you.

We hope to host this team again very soon and in the mean time we wish them all the best for the coming hectic Christmas season!



Visited October 2012

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