Thursday, 29 March 2012

Horses, carts, karozzini and much more!

Uncle Nenu Showing me photos of his work

Today I had a chat with my uncle Nenu, a craftsman who still practices the tradition learnt at a young age. Carmelo Farrugia (a.k.a Nenu), from Qormi, owns a small workshop where he constructs, repairs and paints mounting equipment for racing horses.

The traditional "karozzini" or horse cabs, associated with Valletta tours, and sulkies or "srieken" in Maltese are still sought for by locals who share the passion for horses.

In olden times, everything was carried on horse driven carts; vegetables, construction material, flour and much more. Nowadays, they are collection items featured in agrarian fairs organised all over Malta.

My Nannu (left) and Uncle Nenu around 40 years ago

To raise awareness about this tradition, we are organising workshops and experiences for those who are keen in learning about Malta and it's crafts. Call us on 00356 21411388 or email us on We'd love to hear from you!

Ready for the track!

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