Saturday, 25 June 2011

Qormi - Citta Pinto - Malta

Summer is's the time when village feasts make Malta look brighter and absolutely more fun. This week it's Qormi's turn, also referred to as Citta Pinto. A whole week of celebrations dedicated to one of the two major feasts in Qomri, St. George. I have to admit that since I grew up in this area and speak about Qormi with a passion! The core of the village is pretty all year round. Wooden balconies, enormous flags, bells ringing, fireworks and village gossip are characteristics that make Qormi a typical Mediterranean village. 

The other feast celebrated in Qormi is the feast of St. Sebastian, which is celebrated three weeks after that of St. George. Local band clubs compete against each other and rivalry can become an issue. Policeman usually have a tough time during village feasts controlling the cheerful crowds walking behind the patron saint.  If you're planning to come to Malta in summer, you must not miss going to a village festas. There's one or more occurring each and every week. It's the best way to meet the locals and don't forget...taste local foods such as Kinnie and Twistees :) 

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